06 January 2011

Cimetiere St-Joseph: Sec. SPG - My Favorite Corner

On the cemetery map from the 1994 100 year anniversary booklet, it is marked with the word JESUS. But on the map that office currently has, and distributes, it is marked as being section SG, and within the cemetery's computer database it sometimes is referred to as SPG. It sits in the far right corner on the back right side of section Z and although this section of the cemetery has no "street sign" to mark it's physical location you'll know you are there once you see the statue of Christ...

There are no markers here. But it is the final resting place of many. I believe this section to be the unconsecrated ground, as some of those who lay at peace here do so by the force of their own hand.

Last September while I was walking by section SPG, I found a fresh deer carcass hung up in the back corner, behind Christ, on the iron fencing. The deer was most likely gutted by one of the fence post spikes as all of it's organs were visible and protruding through the posts. There was no blood, not even on the ground. I don't know why and it seemed as though all of it's organs were in tact. I took a few pictures that day with my old camera, but I have decided not to post them here, not yet anyway. So today you'll have to settle for some sort of animal tracks in the snow and a view looking out from my favorite corner...


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